Jewellery Care

How do I keep my jewelry shiny and new?

Some tips to follow..

Avoid contact with water and chemical products such as perfume, hair spray, make up, creams 

Store your jewelry pieces separately to prevent scratches.

Gently wipe your pieces with a special polishing or soft cotton cloth after each wear to remove dirt and oil from the surface.
P.S. We include a free microfiber polishing cloth with every order!


Will my jewelry pieces tarnish?

We take care to plate our jewelry pieces with a reasonably thick layer of 18K gold, palladium (which lasts much longer than sterling silver!), and rose gold. So you can enjoy your EOE bling for as long as possible. 

Unfortunately like all plated jewelry, forces of nature (read: humidity, our skin's pH levels, contact with chemical elements or other objects) inevitably wears the plating layer thinner over time.

We have highlighted some care instructions above to keep your accessories shiny for a longer period time. Polishing your bling with the complimentary polishing cloth included with every online order also helps to keep the jewelry looking new.

Lastly we do offer a replating service – free for the first calendar year and for a small fee after that. Email us at to request this.